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Subject    order Department    Customer Service
Status    Responded Operator    assigned
Created    09/09/12 04:10 Customer    janice hesse (judithnebbia@yahoo.com)
Solved    - Access key    370797Z2854836834823220625

janice hesse
09/09/12 04:10
Having a little trouble figuring out how to track my order!  I entered as a guest for a $30 discount how do I log in to check the progress?
Christian Savalas
09/10/12 14:14


Dear Janice Hesse,

This is to inform you that your order has already been shipped from the pharmacy and is currently in transit.

The tracking number allotted to your package is EA730173318IN and can be tracked on www.usps.com

We have also sent you your login information in a separate email.

If you have any further query then please feel free to email us on support@escrowrefills.com
Or contact us on Live Chat Monday to Saturday 8am - 8pm Eastern Standard time.
You can also call us on our toll free number 1-888-721-0205
Looking forward for your support as always

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